Our investment offer

We support you as researcher or student at KTH in the journey to build companies or commercialize IP/patents. In addition to capital, we support with expertise, practical advice and networks to increase your chances of raising more funding and building a successful company.

Enabling successful companies

Initial funding

We invest 250-400 KSEK as the first investor. Sometimes we invest even before incorporation e.g. in interesting research results and patents. We also do follow on investments in selected companies (up to approx.1 million SEK).

Experience from early stage

We have extensive experience of investing in early stage tech-based companies spun off from KTH research. We support you over time with all the challenges you will face e.g secure financing, building your team, develop business model.

Broad network and strong brand

Through us you get access to our broad networks e.g. investors. We bring a strong brand associated with KTH and that will be a seal of quality for your company.

Longterm commitment

We invest long-term, are patient and will support your journey for 5-10 years. We will always protect the company and support you e.g. in future funding rounds.

Did you know that we also invest in IP and patents from KTH? We can fund patenting of your idea with the aim of licensing or forming a company?

KTH Holding- part of the innovation ecoystem at KTH

KTH Holding is a key player in the innovation support system at KTH. We collaborate with and take over from KTH Innovation that supports the initial stages. KTH Innovation offers free support for all KTH researchers and students to develop an idea. When a company can be formed KTH Holding can invest and continue supporting company development.