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For investors, KTH Holding offers a unique deal flow of interesting hightech companies from KTH. Our goal is to make companies more mature and investment ready.

Invest in spin-offs from leading research

KTH Holding seeks to collaborate with co-investors interested in deeptech companies with high growth potential. Together with teams, KTH Holding has done a lot of preparations and laid the company foundation, validating business case and making them investment ready. In each investment our brand and networks are included as a quality stamp.


A hotbed for next generation companies

Unique dealflow from KTH

KTH has a strong research base in combination with a large talent pool of students. Every year, many companies based on unique ideas and advanced technology emerge in this environment. It is early stage but large potential.

Validated business cases

Our companies are early stages with high risk, but we have done the ground work to verify the business concept. The companies have received support from the innovation system at KTH to validate key aspects, reduce risks and mature the company.

Experience from research spinoffs

KTH Holding has extensive experience of evaluating and investing in research-based startups and we know to manoeuver spin-offs from academia. We have supported companies for several years before investing and made our due dligence.

Broad network and support

We and our companies have access to the broad networks and opportunities that exist via KTH. For example, we have good relations with many investors and industry partners. We continue to support our companies long term and support them in various areas.

An investment for the benefit of society

KTH has world-leading research in many next generation technologies. By investing in new technology from research, you contribute to these new innovative solutions reaching the market and creating impact.

Did you know that we reinvest all profits into new companies. Your investment and the success of our companies contribute to the development of new ideas.