New investment- Hydroyal

Developing membrane electrode assemblies for green hydrogen production

KTH Holding invests in Kitocoat

New investment in Kitocoat- biobased coatings for reduced food waste

KTH Holding invests in Proligreen

New investment in Proligreen- making high quality lignin for a biobased society

Novatron Fusion Group closes seed round

Novatron has secured seed funding of 5 MEUR to accelerate the transition to commercial fusion power

KTH Holding invests in Dialog

New portfolio company: Dialog-enabling speech rehabilitation for everyone

New investment in Glycolink

Welcome Glycolink- enabling sustainable hydrogels via new materials

New investment- Caplyzer

We welcome Caplyzer- new electrolyzer technology for green hydrogen production

New investment in Foil

We welcome Foil to our portfolio- enabling greener boating using hydrofoil technology

New investment in Novatron

We welcome Novatron to our portfolio- enabling fusion power for the future

Cellfion closes seed round

Cellfion closes seed round of 14 MSEK where KTH Holding co-invested with e.g. Voima Ventures and ALMI Invest.

New investment in Nobula3D

We welcome Nobula3D AB to our portfolio. A company started to develop glass 3D printing technology.

KTH Holding invests in Ovulai

KTH Holding invests in Ovulai – helping women alleviate menstrual disorders

KTH Holding invests in TeraSi

KTH Holding invests in TeraSi – next generation micromachined silicon components for 6G and beyond

New Investment- Gordian

KTH Holding invests in Gordian-making transport planning easy

KTH Holding invests in cleantech start-up Cellfion

KTH Holding invests in cleantech start-up Cellfion AB commercializing bio-based membranes

Andning Med-new company in KTH Holding’s portfolio

Andning Med helps millions of patients breathe easier via their smart inhaler