What we invest in

We are looking for innovative technology and projects connected to research and education at KTH. We invest in projects and results that can become the basis for a growth company and that meet the following criteria:

Strong tech: research-based and possible IP protection

Solves important problems: e.g. societal challenges

Good team: willingness and drive to build company

Scalability: a large and preferably global market


The investment process

These are the steps:

Initial meeting: discussion on status, plans and fit vs our criteria

Agreement on investment: to mature or conduct due diligence

Due diligence: control of basic questions

Board presentation:  pitch for formal approval

Closing: shareholder agreement etc

Often we can close an investment in 1-3 months, especially if we know your case from your time with KTH Innovation.

The first step is always a first meeting to discuss your project, your status and plans